Using Akamai as your CDN and Multi-bit Rate Encoding

Using Akamai as your CDN (Content Delivery Network) you need to use specific syntax that includes the entry point from the RMTP (Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol) address that Akamai provides.
For example a primary Entry Point would look like this:


The following is what would be in the stream ID field of the TriCaster for a single-bit rate stream:
Stream ID: liveevent3_1_2500@37267

In a multi-bit rate stream, the stream ID field on the TriCaster would read:

Stream IDs:%iliveevent3_1_500@37267; @37267;liveevent3_1_850@37267;liveevent3_1_2500@37 267

The above example would connect 3 streams to Akamai.

NOTE: Each customer/channel would have unique Entry Point numbers and stream names but follow the same syntax.

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