TriCaster SD - Can I Recover an Interrupted Recording?

Problem Description
Is it possible to recover a file if the recording is interrupted?

The following explains how to recover footage should your broadcast be interrupted by the recording being stopped or in the event the TriCaster software is improperly closed. The integrity and reliability of the footage cannot be guaranteed, however this is the best method to recover footage, assuming there is anything to recover.


  1. In Admin mode open up the folder you were recording your production to before it halted (this location is D:\Media\Clips by default).
  2. Locate Tools > Folder Options in the menu bar on top.
  3. Go to the View tab.
  4. Make sure it is set to "Show hidden files and folders".
  5. Uncheck "Hide extensions for known filetypes".
  6. Press OK.


  1. Locate and open the NewTek Info folder inside here (note: NewTek Info folders are created in every folder that TriCaster browses to where it finds compatible media like JPEGs, AVI files, MP3s, etc.)
  2. Press Ctrl + F to initiate a search
  3. Choose "All files and folders"
  4. Leave "All or part of the file name" blank
  5. Under "When was it modified" change it to "Specify dates" and choose a day before and after the recording took place.
  6. Under "What size is it" change it to "Specify size" and enter in 50000 (this should locate most video clips longer than a few minutes and help omit most audio tracks).
  7. Under "More advanced options" check ONLY the following:
    • Search hidden files and folders
    • Search subfolders
  8. Click Search

The results of your search will hopefully only turn up a single file, possibly a few more. Copy all of the results into another folder on the D: drive and rename them. You may name them however you see fit but make sure each one ends with ".MPG". Afterwards, relaunch TriCaster and load in each file until you find the compatible one. If you do not find anything you may have to go back through the Procedure and be looser with the parameters (wider range of date, lower size).

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