TriCaster SD - On using Restore Options

Problem Description
What do I lose if I choose the TriCaster 'Restore' option on boot up?

The TriCaster's Restore option formats the C: drive only, not the D: drive. Formatting the C: drive means the following will be LOST along with anything else on the C: drive:

  • Updates you've installed for TriCaster.
  • Templates you've exported to Live.
  • Custom streaming profiles.
  • Programs you have installed on Windows.
  • Files on the Desktop or in My Documents.

The D: drive however will be completely intact, since the TriCaster defaults to saving everything there (Projects, clips, streams, CG pages, etc.).

  1. To access the Restore options, restart the TriCaster.
  2. While it boots begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard until you come across Windows Advanced Options Menu choose "Return to OS choices menu".
  3. Then choose "Restore TriCaster".

Note: when the Restore finishes you will need to type in your Windows key, this is located on the bottom of every TriCaster. The Windows key is a 5 x 5 digit alpha numerical key.

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