TriCaster’s Media Players permit you to integrate video, stills and title pages into your live presentation with simplicity and style. Preload content and display it sequentially as a playlist, or call up individual items on demand.  Media Players can even play, stop and advance automatically in response to your Switcher operations.

Animated buffer effects can provide similar capability, but are resident in memory, and thus best suited to short duration or looping effects.  Conveniently, this makes them perfect for many purposes, freeing up the Media Players for long form or more elaborate requirements. Still image and title buffers (all models) provide similar advantages.

Section 1.1 Specialized Media Players

TriCaster® sports multiple Media Players, located in tabbed panes found in the bottom third of the Live Desktop. Here you will find individual DDR, GFX (Graphics) and Sounds modules.  (This is also where the powerful Buffers feature is located.)

 Figure 117

TriCaster’s different Media Players are essentially specialized variants of a single module, modified to suit specific and complementary purposes.  The foremost difference between players is in the file formats each supports (and even that distinction is not rigidly adhered to, as we will see).

  • Graphics (GFX) players are principally intended for display and management of title pages (whether those based on TriCaster’s integrated titling system, or titles prepared as image files in third party applications) or other still imagery – photos, graphics, and the like.
  • The purpose of the Sound player is self-explanatory, and perhaps it is equally obvious why (alone among Media Players) it is not represented by a Switcher row button. Sound plays back standard .wav or .mp3 format audio files, but does not support graphics of any sort.  Controls are similar to other Media Players, except that neither Autoplay nor Speed controls are provided.

Only the two DDRs have the capability to play video clips (including motion titles such as scrolls).  DDRs can also host images, title pages, or even audio files.


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