TriCaster SD- Interface locks on Edit Media Tab

Applies to all Standard Definition TriCasters
Problem Description and Steps to Verify/Reproduce

-Problem Description
Tricaster interface locks when clicking on the Edit Media Tab. This may be due to an error occurring during the cache writing process.

-Specific Symptoms

  1. Launch Tricaster
  2. Click on the “Edit Media Tab”
  3. Did the User Interface freeze or lock up? If so then continue.

-Verifying and Reproducing

After launching the Tricaster Software, by default you are in the Live Production environment. Along the top are additional tabs for your video production needs. When clicking the Edit Text tab, the interface locks up. You are no longer able to click or select anything with the mouse. The mouse cursor is still visible & moveable.

Steps to Fix / Workaround

Clear the TriCaster Temporary files

  1. Go into admin mode. To do this, click on the [ X ] in the upper right hand corner of the interface. When the smaller window opens, select "Admin” (or if the interface is currently locked on your keyboard press (Ctrl+ ‘V’ + ‘T’)
  2. Open My Computer
  3. Go to “D:\media\clips\Newtek Info” folder*
  4. Open the “NewTek Info” folder then hold down Crtl+A (this will highlight everything) then hit Del on your keyboard.
  5. Close the window and run “Reset Configuration” located on the desktop.

* If you do not see a NewTek Info folder it is probably set to be hidden. You will need to do the following before completing steps 4 and 5.

A. Click-on Tools at the top of the window from the drop-down menu select “Folder Options”.

B. In the “Folder Options” panel click-on the “View” tab.

C. Click-on “Show hidden files and folders”
D. Now click-on “Apply” followed by clicking-on “Ok”.

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