Another extremely powerful feature is nestled beside just to the left of Autoplay in the footer of TriCaster Advanced Edition Media Players. 

Labeled SHOW ON PGM by default, this feature can actually target M/Es as well (Figure 131) as the Program row of the main Switcher.  It provides unique playback and display abilities that make instant replay a thing of joy, as well as serving other purposes.

Click the configuration button (gear) beside the SHOW ON button to display the panel seen in Figure 131. 

Figure 131

The largest part of this panel contains transition bins for custom In and Out transitions which will be used to display the current clip.  Select Custom from the Transition In/Out menus to activate these bins.  Otherwise, you can select Cut or Current options.

Note that the bin content displayed is synced with the Background transition bin for the target video bus, be it PGM or a designated M/E.  Thus selecting Current uses the current selection in the Background transition bin of the target bus.

Hint: Unlike other transition bins in TriCaster’s interface, these icons do not show a “+” sign gadget on rolling the mouse over them. To replace the effect in slot, modify the content of the Background transition bin of the target you have selected for SHOW ON.

Once configured, clicking the SHOW ON (…) button will do the following:

  • Swap the current BG transition for the main Switcher or a designated M/E out for a custom animatino store (such as "Replay!")
  • Transition the current DDR selection in on the main Switcher’s PGM row, or the A row of an M/E
  • Play the clip (overriding the DDRs own Autoplay setting, if necessary)
  • Transition back to the original program using a custom transition (such as "Live!) when done
  • Swap the background transition back to the original selection

Hint: Using complementary features in the IsoCorder Replay tab, SHOW ON functionality can be triggered by simply adding a clip (with custom length and speed defined in the Replay tab) from any source being captured to a DDR.  Thus a single button click or numberpad key press can trigger all of this.

M/E on PGM

In a variation on this operation, the On PGM switch, which is available whenever the target is an M/E, provides a different mode of operation.  In this case, the output of the Media Player is immediately selected as the top row source of the target M/E, and the M/E is transitioned in on the main Switcher’s PGM (Program) row. 

This unique feature allows you to use the main Switcher to display the Media Player output – including instant replays – with KEY layers (such as ‘scorebugs’) composed above it.

SECTION 11.2.4

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