Primary control surfaces manage transitions on a per layer basis, govern the background composition, overlay and overlay transitions, multi-layer M/E configuration and zoom, control multiple Media Players, record, stream and grab features, and even more.  At the time of writing, three devices fall into this category, as follows:

  • TriCaster 8000 CS: A full-function control surface designed to match to the TriCaster 8000 live production system.
  • TriCaster 860 CS: A full-function control surface originally intended to complement TriCaster 860.
  • TriCaster 460 CS: Similar to the above but, slightly more compact, originally designed for primary use with 2RU TriCasters.
  • TriCaster 40 CS and TriCaster Mini CS: Compact control surfaces primarily intended for use with 2RU TriCaster’s, but extended to serve with any Pro model; especially popular for mobile use because of their small footprints.

SECTION 21.1.1

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