The power requirements of TriCaster control surfaces vary, but generally speaking are not inconsequential.

  • TriCaster 8000CS requires a standard AC power connection, in addition to its USB control connection.
  • All other control surfaces are powered by their USB cable. In the latter case, connecting the unit using a USB cable longer than the one originally supplied can diminish available power to the point where problems could ensue, including connection recognition failure or operational problems.

Except for TriCaster 8000 CS then, we strongly recommend that if you must operate the control surface at greater distances from the TriCaster than recommended above, you first connect it to a powered USB hub by a short USB cable, in turn connecting the USB hub to one of TriCaster’s USB ports.

Important Note: So-called USB extenders are not recommended, having proven less reliable than long USB cables (with powered hub, as discussed above).  This is because each added connector in the circuit introduces ‘reflections’ that can degrade the signal. In this configuration, the control surface may seem reliable for some time, but then fail unexpectedly. (If this should happen, disconnecting and reconnecting the control surface may temporarily restore functionality).

SECTION 21.2.1

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