Source Row Banks

The control surface presents buttons representing various video source selections on its DSK, PROGRAM, PREVIEW and M/E rows.  The number of sources available in NDI-enabled TriCasters is so extensive that sources are arranged in two banks, similar to the onscreen user interface.  In this arrangement, each button does double duty, depending on which bank is currently being controlled.


In the user interface, Bank 1 is shown by default.  Holding down Alt on the keyboard reveals Bank 2 (Figure 223).  Likewise, hold down ALT on the control surface to access the sources assigned to Bank 2.

Hint: The main Switcher (and M/Es with transition effects assigned) are able to show ‘selection hints’ beneath their rows when the active selection is in the opposite bank.  On the control surface, however, no button is lit when the selection is in the alternate bank.

Switcher row buttons are mutually exclusive, and the active selection button in the currently active bank remains lit. (The subordinate role of the DSK rowis subtly reinforced by the use of slightly smaller buttons.)

Hint: Hold down CTRL when clicking a button on the PREVIEW row to toggle LiveMatte on/off for that source.  Note that the source need not be actually selected on the PREVIEW row to do this, and multi-selections are supported.

SECTION 21.3.2

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