While the control surface does not have Transition Bins for individual video layers, as the onscreen Live Desktop does, it does support selection of transitions and control over their attributes.


When a single layer, such as BKGD, is selected in the MAIN TRANSITION > DELEGATE group on the control surface, rotating the SELECT knob cycles the current transitions in the Transition Bin for that layer. 

When multiple video layers have been delegated, turning SELECT affects the transitions for all layers as follows:

  • When all delegated layers are currently on the same transition bin 'slot', the selection in the corresponding transition bins simply cycles left or right synchronously.
  • Otherwise (when the Transition Bin slots for multi-delegated layers are not harmonized), rotating the knob moves the selection layer by layer as the knob turns until the selected slots are
  • From that point, continuing to twist SELECT moves the transition selection in lock step.

The SELECT knob also acts as a push button:

  • Push SELECT to toggle the Reverse setting for the BKGD
  • Push SHIFT + SELECT to toggle the Ping Pong switch for the BKGD

The RATE knob operates in similar fashion to SELECT.  Rotate the knob to modify the transition Rate for delegated layers.  Or press the knob to cycle through the standard Slow, Medium and Fast presets.

Hint: You can assign the A and B rows of M/Es as well as the main PGM and PREV rows to color groups by turning the respective Select and Rate knobs with the Shift button held down.

SECTION 21.3.3

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