SD TriCaster - Trouble Viewing Stream on Apple-based Systems

Problem Description

When viewing a stream from an Apple computer, the audio and video are jittery.


In order to correct this a change will need to be made in the settings for the streaming profile. This will be done in the flash media encoder.

  1. Launch Flash Media Encoder, located under Start> All Programs>Adobe from the Admin Menu.
  2. Create a new Profile or load one you need to work with.
  3. Click on the “wrench” icon next to the “Format” field. 
  4. A sub-menu will open, click on the pull-down next to “Profile”.
  5. Change the selection from “Baseline” to “Main”.
  6. Save this Profile (make sure to prefix the name with “Flash”) into the “StreamingProfiles/FlashProfiles” directory located in your TriCaster folder.

On an HD system the file path should look like this:


The problem should now be resolved when using this new profile for your stream.

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