Hint: TriCaster’s interface requires a monitor resolution setting of at least 1600x1050. 4RU systems may require 1920x1080.

  1. Connect an external computer monitor to the port labeled Interface on the backplate of 4RU models. 
  2. For 2RU models, use the DVI connector nearest to the Video In group for the interface monitor connection. For TriCaster Mini SDI or Mini, use either port in the group labeled Interface/Multiview.
  3. Connect the mouse and keyboard to USB ports on TriCaster.
  4. Connect the power cord (or cords, for 4RU models); or, for TriCaster Mini or Mini SDI, the external power supply between the DC Power input connection on TriCaster’s backplate and an external power receptacle.
  5. Turn on the computer monitor.
  6. Press the Power switch on TriCaster’s faceplate (located behind the door on some models).

At this point, the blue Power LED will illuminate, and the adjacent hard drive activity light should flicker as the device boots up.  (If this does not happen, check your connections and retry). 

Though not a requirement, we do strongly recommend that you connect TriCaster using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as for any ‘mission critical’ system.  Likewise, consider A/C “power conditioning”, especially in situations where local power is unreliable or ‘noisy’. Surge protection is especially important in some locales. Power conditioners can reduce wear on TriCaster’s power supplies and other electronics, and provide a further measure of protection from surges, spikes, lightning and high voltage

Section 1.1 Command and Control

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