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TriCaster Advanced Edition provides extensive color control processing options for every video source.  These are hosted in the Color tab of the Input Configuration panel.

Auto Color

Lighting conditions can change dramatically during many live events, especially those held outdoors. Adding to this problem, production usually involves multiple cameras and, all too often, these may not have uniform color characteristics. Ensuring consistent color when switching from one angle to another, avoiding unwelcome brightness or color shifts as evening falls or when a cloud obscures the sun briefly can be troublesome, and expensive. 

To help you overcome these problems, TriCaster Advanced Edition provides Auto Color, a unique feature capable of dynamically adapting the color characteristics of your video sources as lighting conditions vary.   For many productions, simply enabling the Auto Color switch is all it takes to produce a show that looks amazingly consistent.


By default, each camera with Auto Color enabled is processed uniquely – without reference to other sources.  Often, though, even greater consistency can be achieved by treating sources in similar illumination environments as a group.  Enable Multicam for several cameras causes Auto Color to evaluate and adjust these cameras in unison.  You might, for example, enable Multicam for court-side cameras in an interior sports venue, while treating exterior or studio feeds individually.

Listen Only

The Listen Only switch allows you to include a source in the Multicam group without adding its own feed to the group evaluation. Thus a camera trained on a giant purple dinosaur can be automatically corrected without disproportionately biasing the group evaluation and consequent Auto Color correction.  Alternatively, one might enable Multicam for a number of sources, turning Listen Only on for all but one camera – effectively making that camera the color reference all other cameras in the group will follow.

Note: The Proc Amp, discussed next, is downstream of the Auto Color system.  This allows you to apply further manual color adjustments to your individual sources, whether for fine tuning or to achieve a specific “look”.


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