Output Connections: Connecting Devices 3Play 4800/440

1.Connect downstream video devices to the appropriate output connectors in the VIDEO OUT section, whether SDI, Component, Y/C (BNC) or Composite.
Please note that the latter two formats may require RCA (cinch plug) or S-video (4 pin mini-DIN) to BNC adapters, and also that both of these connection options support output at SD resolution only.

a. SDI – Attach SDI connectors to the uppermost row of BNC connectors in the VIDEO OUT connector groups. Tip: If your equipment supports SDI connections, this is your best quality option.
b. Component – Attach your device to the second, third and fourth BNC connectors (Y, Pb and Pr) in the VIDEO OUT connector groups.
c. Y/C – If your S-Video equipment and cabling has the usual 4-pin mini-DIN connectors, you will need an ‘S-Video to dual BNC’ adapter. Attach the Y (luma) connector of your device to the second analog BNC connector row (labeled Pb). Attach the C (chroma) connector to the third analog connector (labeled Pr).
d. Composite - Attach the device’s connector to the first (top) analog connector.

2. Connect 3Play’s audio outputs:

a. Analog audio – Connect external audio devices to the connectors in the AUDIO OUT section.
Note that there are two rows of connectors: Connectors numbered 1a and so-on provide Channel A sound, while 2a etc., are assigned to Channel B. These two output sections are configured and controlled separately in the Replay Desktop.
3Play 4800 only – Aux (Row 3) carries the same audio as either Channel A or Channel B, depending on 3Play’s current Channel Delegate selection.
b. Digital audio – Use the two BNC connectors identified as 1ab and 1cd in the AES section (below the analog audio outputs) section to connect downstream AES/EBU (AES3) audio devices. (A separate digital audio connection is not necessary for SDI output with embedded audio.)

Tip: The SDI and analog output connectors in any video output row can be used simultaneously. For example, for Output A, you could use the Component output connectors to supply your program to a local video monitor at the same time as you use the HD-SDI connection to supply broadcast equipment.

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