Figure 78

For TriCaster rack mount units, multi-tiered ‘Always on Air’ hardware and software failsafe systems provide confidence that – short of a complete power failure – the show will go on. Video pass-through ensures that as long there is AC power, audio and video from Input 8 (on 4RU models) or Input 4 (2RU models) are routed to Output 1 in a case of catastrophic software condition. If at all possible, streaming output and recording also continue even if all else fails.

In some studio settings, however, more elaborate hardware failsafe systems may be in use.  Typically, such systems take over broadcast duties whenever the output signal fails.  In this sort of pipeline, TriCaster’s failsafe video passthrough mechanism (which ensures that video output continues even in catastrophic circumstances) can actually prevent the external system from engaging.  For this reason, a Failsafe control group has been added to the Output tab for TriCaster rack-mount models.  It provides a switch to let you disable the A/V passthrough when necessary.  By default, A/V passthrough is off.

Hint: Only use fail-safe when a stable video source is connected to video Input 8.


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