Figure 80

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), or ‘robotic’ cameras can play important roles in certain types of productions.  These systems range widely in price, from a few hundred dollars to those in the ‘six figure’ range, with an equally diverse range of quality and features.

Generally, remote control of PTZ cameras involves sending instructions to the camera across either serial (RS232, RS422 or RS485) or network connections.  TriCaster support for both types (see note below).  Connection settings shown in the PTZ tab (Input Settings tab) update depending on which Camera type you select. 

Choose your camera protocol (or one similar to it) using the drop-down menu, and then enter (or select) appropriate settings for the unit.  The Flip Camera switch inverts the image, helpful when the camera is mounted in an upside-down orientation.  It also affects the pan and tilt controls, when possible (this support varies by camera).

As TriCaster does not have an external serial port, you will need to use a third party USB-to-Serial Port adapter for PTZ cameras requiring a serial connection.  Windows will automatically assign a COM port number to the adapter, usually COM 1.  In some cases, you may wish to manually assign it to a specific port.

 Figure 81

Exit to Windows from TriCaster’s Administration Mode screen (Section 5.2.3) to access the controls shown in Figure 81.  Refer to the documentation provided with your adapter for further directions.



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