Is it possible to use a controller and web interface  with the TriCaster PTZ simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible especially with the Panasonic PTZ camera.  In fact, for color control and filters this may be desirable. 

For example, you can select manual control of the white balance in the TriCaster PTZ configuration interface.  Then, set your white balance and filters using the web interface or a standard control surface for color matching.  The TriCaster will not wipe it out the values you set in that case.

 What if I want to use something other than TriCaster PTZ to control the variables on the PTZ Camera?

At this time(09/2013), if the TriCaster is actively controlling a PTZ head, it will attempt to overwrite Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Preset Speed, and optionally White Balance at regular intervals.  If you want to use another remote source to control those variables on the PTZ camera, you should simply deactivate the TriCaster PTZ and/or lock control to the device from the control surface.   At that point, the TriCaster's commands should be ignored.

On connecting to a network

Instead of placing my networked PTZ devices on company network, I have been using a USB to Ethernet device connected to a local switch.  This prevents someone from accidentally taking control of the PTZ device or sending commands from an old session. The latency is quite low as well.

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