NewTek provides potent instant replay solutions in the form of its dedicated 3Play™ systems, but for less demanding installations many have found their TriCaster based TimeWarp™ control surfaces (which take advantage of TriCaster’s integrated recording and playback capabilities) to provide just what they need.

  • TriCaster 850 TW: The perfect complement to any primary TriCaster CS, this instant replay controller is equally capable of performing as a solo act alongside any high definition TriCaster live production system.
  •  TriCaster TW-42: This is NewTek’s original TimeWarp™ device. While originally supplied for use with the standard definition TriCaster lineup, it also provides workmanlike instant replay functionality with high definition TriCaster models.

(In addition, TriCaster Advanced Edition provides extensive replay support via the user interface, macros and keyboard shortcuts.)

SECTION 21.1.3

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