Figure 133

On mouse-over, title page icons (Figure 133) display a configuration (gear) icon in their lower-right corner.

Clicking this button (or selecting Edit Title in the icon context menu) opens the pop-up Title Page Editor.

Opening the pop-up Title Page Editor during playback is permitted, meaning Title Page content can be edited during both play and display (changes are detected and shown immediately). 

Hint: The panel can be re-sized by dragging its lower-right corner, and re-positioned by dragging its titlebar.

When you move the mouse over text in the Title Page Editor’s preview pane, a white bounding-box appears (Figure 133). If you click once inside the box it turns yellow, indicating the text object is selected, and a text edit field opens.

Figure 134

Press Enter or click outside the box to complete editing operations, or press Tab to advance to next entry field (press Shift + Tab instead to jump to the prior text field).

Note that the cursor keys – that is, the left/right and up/down arrows – allow you to navigate between text fields on the current title page.

(If the text edit box is open, left/right arrows change the edit point as usual, but up/down closes the edit box, and subsequent cursor key actions move to the next object.)

Hint: A red line under a character or word indicates the spell-checker is questioning its spelling.  Right click the word to open a menu suggesting alternatives.  Click any entries shown if you wish to update the original.


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