Several TriCaster models are designed for convenient mounting in standard 19” racks (mounting rails designed for different TriCaster models are available separately from NewTek Sales).

Please keep in mind that adequate cooling is a very important requirement for virtually all electronic and digital equipment, and this is true of TriCaster as well.  We recommend allowing 1.5 to 2 inches of space on all sides for cool (i.e., comfortable ‘room temperature’) air to circulate around the chassis.

Good ventilation at the front and rear panel is important, and 2RU TriCasters in particular require ventilated space above the unit (1RU minimum is recommended).

Hint: When operating TriCaster in a ‘road case’ for mobile production, it’s best to do so with both the front and back covers (of the road case) removed.

When designing enclosures or mounting the unit, supplying good free air movement around the chassis as discussed above should be viewed as a critical design consideration.  This is especially true in fixed installations where TriCaster will be installed inside furniture-style enclosures.

Hint: See also Appendix E, Dimensions and Mounting for helpful information for your TriCaster model.

Section 3.3

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