Figure 109

Scopes represent a very useful monitoring option, providing Waveform and Vectorscope displays. 

Among other things, these help you to judge Proc Amp and LiveMatte settings (see Appendix C, Video Calibration). (To display the Scopes view, select that entry from the Load Default options.)

By default, the scopes and associated monitor refer to the Look Ahead Preview composition (including any delegated DSK channels, or FTB), shown at left for reference.  Right-click either scope display to change the monitored source to the source you wish to view.  Adjust the Brightness controls in the scope footers (Shift + double-click the control to restore defaults), and the trace overlay in full or solid colors using the context menu.

Hint: To use Scopes to calibrate a DSK source independently, first select it as the Preview row source.

Double-click the video monitor in this Workspace to access Proc Amp and LiveMatte™ controls for the current source (or the Output Configuration panel for Program and Preview selections).


Section 10.2

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