Once primarily used in security applications, robotic or ‘PTZ’ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras are appearing on the production scene in ever increasing numbers.  Not only do they offer dramatic potential savings, robotic camera installations also offer both creative possibilities and, in certain environments, safety benefits.

 TriCaster’s PTZ implementation makes it easy to operate supported PTZ cameras from the Live Desktop or control surface.

For all TriCaster professional models, the Input Configuration panels for cameras 1-8 allows any or all of these cameras to be configured as a PTZ cam, controlled directly from TriCaster (see Section 8.2.5).

In addition to pan, tilt and zoom control, TriCaster can also govern White Balance settings, Focus, Iris (or ‘brightness’), and Animation Speed (‘travel speed’) settings for supported cameras.   TriCaster also provides a convenient and very visual PTZ preset system allowing you to ‘lock in’ your shots and access them quickly.

Section 12

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