TriCaster’s Tally Light support allows you to connect external tally lights and similar devices.  These typically provide a red LED for the video input that is currently selected on the Switcher’s Program row. (Not a TriCaster Mini SDI or Mini feature.)
TriCaster’s NDI outputs also natively support tally.
Note: Tally over SDI, as supported by devices from Blackmagic Design, is natively supported, and requires no special configuration. Please see also: Section 21.9 regrading GPI support to trigger tally (and more); or search among third party tally solutions listed at

Here is a pin-out listing for TriCaster’s HD15 Tally connector:
•    Pin1 – LED1
•    Pin2 – LED2
•    Pin3 – LED3
•    Pin4 – LED4
•    Pin5 – LED5
(4RU only)
•    Pin6 – LED    
•     (4RU only)
•    Pin7 – LED7
(4RU only)
•    Pin8 – LED8
(4RU only)
•    Pin9 – GND
•    Pin10 – GND     
•    Pin11 – GPI1
•    Pin12 – GPI2
•    Pin13 – NC
•    Pin14 – 3.3V
(20 Ohms current limit)
•    Pin15 – NC
    Pins 1-(4 or 8) are ‘hot’ when the LED should be illuminated.
    Each LED pin 1 (4 or 8) has a 200 ohm current limiting resistor inside TriCaster.
    With no load (open circuit) the LED pins can reach 5V. With a typical LED load, they can be expected to reach about 3V.
    GPI stands for General Purpose Interface. Pins 11 and 12 are assigned for possible future use as GPI1 and GPI2 connections, but support for GPI triggers has not been implemented in TriCaster at this time.
    To prevent damage to TriCaster’s components when making external connections to the tally light jacks, care should be taken that connection to Pins designated GND (Ground) are always at ground potential.


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