Figure 143

Clicking an icon reveals a palette of nine buffer presets (Figure 143).  When you move the mouse over one of these icons a [+] (Add Media) button appears.  Click this + sign to display the Media Browser, and then pick a suitable file to populate that buffer preset.

Alternatively, assign content to a buffer slot by following the steps below:

  • Right-click a still image or title page icon in a Media Player.
  •  Choose Send to from the context menu (select a specific buffer slot using the hierarchical menu).

Hint: Alternatively, drag a still or title page icon from a Media Player onto a Buffer slot.

Note that, in DDRs, this menu item only appears for still image formats and TriCaster title pagesAnimation effects must be complied using the Animation Store Creator™ add-on application before they can be loaded into buffers.

(Naturally, if an image or title has previously been previously assigned to the active preset for the designated buffer, the new file will replace the current one.)

Note: Generally, Buffers are linked to the original source file on disk.  Having added a file to a buffer using the “Send to (Buffer x)” menu, it no longer matters whether the item continues to be available in a Media Player playlist. The buffer link will only fail if the original file is moved, or deleted from the hard drive - with one exception: editable title page buffers are fully independent of their original source files.

SECTION 11.4.2

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