Buffers support the following media types:

  • Animation effects

These are short duration full-motion video effects created in your favorite graphics or video applications and compiled using the add-on Animation Store Creator application.

  • Looping effects – These animations play repeating endlessly, making them ideal for station ID ‘bugs’ and the like.
  • Auto-run effects – These effects auto-run on display following a Take or Auto. Playback runs once and then holds the last frame.
  • Graphics (all TriCaster models)
    • Images – 24 bit or 32 bit (with embedded alpha channel) images.
    • Title pages – editable TriCaster title pages, identical to those served up by the various Media Players.

Buffers tab item selection and display is controlled by a Buffer (BFR) button on main Switcher source rows, M/E rows, and options in DSK and M/E KEY source menus.

For TriCaster 8000, 860 and 460, the top ten buffer slots (or the top five, for other TriCaster Advanced Edition models) support both compiled animation effects and graphics – still image files or TriCaster title pages.


Figure 141

The remaining buffer slots are restricted to graphics content, including popular image formats along with TriCaster title pages (i.e., .cgxml files). 

Figure 142



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