Having launched a session, those of you familiar with standard TriCaster features will notice something new at upper-right in the Dashboard at the top of the Live Desktop.

Figure 31

Click the ‘globe’ gadget shown there to open a panel that tells you how to navigate to your TriCaster’s unique Resources webpage.

  • Simply connect any suitable device (be it a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer) to the same network your TriCaster is on
  • Open the web browser on the device
  • And navigate to the URL shown in the dialog you opened by clicking (?)

Hint:  Access to the Resources webpage does not require an external Internet connection, though some of its links will not work without one.

Figure 32

The TriCaster Resources webpage is served directly from your TriCaster Advanced Edition system, and thus is always available.  Not only does this mean its content is always up to date and relevant to your installed software, it also means that you can view it on a convenient mobile device alongside your TriCaster.

This allows you, for example, to use an iPad® or other mobile device to follow along with the steps outlined in an online video tutorial, or look up the details of a TriCaster feature in the User Guide even during production.

Section 4.1

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