NewTek is in the video production business, and it couldn’t seem any more appropriate to us that we would provide your introductory TriCaster lessons  using that easy to understand and follow medium.

The link to online videos mentioned in the previous section takes you to a long list of TriCaster tutorials designed for all users from novice to adept.  From initial product registration to live production, streaming and exporting to social media services, to advanced topics such as M/Es, Tracking, Hotspots and Automation, you’ll find it all clearly illustrated and explained here.

It’s very likely that you will be able to easily grasp the basics of TriCaster production after viewing these videos.  When you need deeper knowledge, you will find Part II of this guide, the Reference section, helpful.

Hint: Generally, thanks to the considerable consistency across the TriCaster family of products, you will be able to benefit from tutorials prepared using any TriCaster model.

Section 4.2

For more information please download the entire document at

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