TriCaster’s Live Desktop provides visual feedback for operations, including monitoring, live switching, and so on.  It is divided into five horizontal bands. 

From top to bottom, these are:

1 - Dashboard

     • Quick access to interface options and important tools, including Publish and Macros along with Record,       Stream, Workspace and Timecode options.

2 - Monitors

     • User configurable layouts – monitor live inputs along with internal sources (such as DDRs, M/Es, and           Buffers) plus Look Ahead Preview and Program output

     • Waveform and Vectorscope monitors

3 - M/Es

     • Effect mode – control up to four primary video layers plus 4 overlay channels

     • Mix mode – secondary switcher controls plus 4 overlay channels

     • Each M/E includes dedicated an extensive complement of Keyers, transition generators,                              scaler/positioners, and more

4 - Switching

     • Switcher rows – Program and Preview rows

     • Transition controls – T-bar and Delegate buttons

     • DSK video layer configuration and controls

5 - Tabbed Control Modules

     • Internal Media Players and Buffers)

     • PTZ (robotic) camera controls

     • Audio (mixer) – input configuration, level control, EQ and Compressor/Limiters

Section 6.2

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