A number of very useful interface and workflow options are presented in the TriCaster Options menu. 

  • Tabs Follow
    • Enable Follow Preview Rowfor All Inputs to display the tabbed pane for a Preview row source automatically on selection changes (for M/E selections, the M/E pane must be maximized in order to see the M/E tab update).
    • When Tabs Follow Preview for M/Esis checked, only the M/E pane updates (when you select an M/E as source on Preview).

Hint: Control surface delegate operations can sometimes result in a tabbed module that you want to view being obscured when certain options are enabled.  When this happens, press the control surface Delegate button again to re-display the tabbed pane you are interest in.

 Figure 56

  • (TriCaster 8000 and 860 only) Control System(s) Remotely – select one (or more) TriCasters detected on your local network, and all control operations you perform using the user interface, the control surface, or keyboard will be echoed to the controlled system – see Section 16.4.
  • Default Media File Level – the default ‘per-clip’ audio level applied to imported media files is controlled by this option.
  • The Hotspots menu offers Disable All Hotspotsand Disable Hotspots for Sources Not on Output options to prevent macros from being triggered 
  • Enabling Lock Mouse to Primary Monitor prevents the mouse from traveling into the external Multiview display.
  • Enable Autoplay Out on M/Es – You may find it useful to enable Autoplay’s ‘transition-out when nearing the end of play’ feature for M/E’s (Mix mode). By default, this option is off.

Section 7.2

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