You’ll notice a number of different types of content grouped under the following headings on the TriCaster Resources page:

  • Documentation
    • What’s New – a brief overview of TriCaster Advanced Edition features
    • TriCaster User Guide – the document you are reading (which tells you all about TriCaster)
    • Automation and Integration Guide – provides a wealth of information pertaining to all aspects of internal TriCaster (and 3Play™) macros and automation features, along with discussions of third-party solutions and topics related to integrating NewTek live production systems into your studio pipeline.
    • Animation Store Creator™ and Virtual Set Editor™ Guides
  • Training – online TriCaster video tutorials and Operator Certification programs.
  • Extras - download updates, codecs and utilities, or install the DataLink™ for TriCaster web browser extension.
  • Communities – forums, blogs, YouTube™ videos, Facebook®, and more …
  • Support – contact official Customer Service (including live chat), or read about product protection programs.

Section 4.1.1

For more information please download the entire document at

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