Various layouts and custom monitoring options for the Live Desktop and Multiview are provided in the Workspace menu.  When a Multiview monitor is in use, the two Workspace preset options can be combined with great flexibility, letting you see what you want to see where you want to see it.  It’s easy to set up complementary displays in the two monitor areas.

For example, you might show main Program and Preview monitors along with all 8 M/Es on the Live Desktop.  Meanwhile, the Multiview monitor could display up to eight live Camera feeds plus Media Players, as well as the (program) output and B row  selections for a specified M/E set to Mix mode.

Figure 54

Notice too that you can also drag both the horizontal divider between the Live Desktop monitor pane and the Switcher, and the divider between the Program-Preview panes at right and viewports at left. You can even move the horizontal divider all the way up to the bottom of the Dashboard, thus hiding the Desktop monitor pane entirely (Figure 54), providing much more room for other modules in the process.

Hint: Reset the horizontal divider to its default locations by double-clicking it.

Click the Mix Effects label or an M/E tab between the Monitor and Switcher sections to toggle display of the M/E pane – or press the keyboard shortcut “m”.

A number of further workflow and interface options that can be very valuable are found in the TriCaster Options menu, discussed shortly (Section 7.1).

Section 6.4.2

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