TriCaster’s Dashboard groups important production features and system display controls in one convenient place for quick access and review.

As well, the Dashboard serves to provide information on the current session, status updates and storage usage, along with timecode and the TriCaster Options menu.

TriCaster’s Dashboard is home to a number of important displays, tools and controls. Prominently located at the very top of the Live Desktop, the Dashboard occupies the full width of the screen.


Figure 55

The various elements comprising the Dashboard are listed below (starting from the left):

  1. File menu
  2. Options menu
  3. Macros menu
  4. Workspaces menu
  5. Session Information (display)
  6. EXPORT button and Configuration
  7. STREAM button and Configuration
  8. GRAB button and Configuration
  9. RECORD button, Replay Pad, and Configuration
  10. Time Display(s) and Configuration
  11. Information

Of these items, some are so important that they rate their own chapters. Others are detailed in various sections of this guide (cross references to the relevant sections of the manual are provided above).

Chapter 7

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