TriCaster’s Look Ahead Preview pane shows the outcome of the currently configured transition before it is performed.  The Previz feature takes this capability much further, allowing you to pre-visualize effects in full motion, including T-bar operations.

You can preview any Switcher and M/E effects (including DSK/KEY layers) without fear of disrupting Switcher (or M/E) output.  Create complex compositions in this mode and copy them back to the original M/E (or Switcher) or a different one.

You might use Previz to test your currently delegated transitions and sources before applying them.  Alternatively, though, you can experiment to your heart’s content.  Freely change layer sources, modify Positioner settings, transitions or effects, layer delegates, test the result of Take/Auto, use T-Bar or Zoom controls with impunity.
Clicking Previz copies the settings of the source (Switcher or M/E) into the dedicated Previz pane, which really can be thought of as a specialized M/E – but one never visible on output.  
Hint: The best way to monitor your experiments in the Previz pane is probably to use the “M/E Follow” Workspace.
If, while experimenting, you arrive at a composition you like, simply click the Paste Previz (clipboard) gadget located beside the PREVIZ button in the desired destination to send the current composition to the target.
Hint: This allows you to very easily transfer all of the settings for an M/E – say, the left camera angle for a virtual set complete with carefully positioned M/E and KEY layers – to one or more additional M/Es.  Then you can simply swap the effect for the new M/Es to add different angles that match the original


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