LiveText’s file dialogs (for File>Open, File>Add, File>Save and Save As) have pre-configured QuickTabs pointing to the following default paths for the current session.

Note: the Quicktab links refer to ‘session-dependent’ paths, thus are not permanent.  That is, for a given session, the path the Quicktab refers to is established at launch time. For this reason, the TriCaster version of LiveText does not support user-added Quicktabs.

LiveText’s File menu has two special items – Send Current Page to Live, and Send All Pages to Live.   (These take the place of other export options appearing in the standalone version of LiveText.)  As you would expect, these functions creates files for use in the Live Desktop, automatically storing them in the correct place(s) for easy access.

Titles prepared in LiveText can be either still or motion pages.  When you send a still page to Live, it becomes a Title Page file, with the characteristic filename extension “.cgxml”.  Title Page files can be edited in the Live Desktop’s Media Players.  Send Current Page to Live will automatically store exported title page files in the D:Media\Titles\sessionname\projectname folder.

Motion pages (scrolls and crawls) that you send to Live are stored as bitmap animation files (with an .avi file extension), suitable for playback in Live Desktop’s DDR.  These are sent to the session folder inside TriCaster’s main Clips folders.  The content of motion pages cannot be edited in the Live Desktop.

When you select Send All Pages to Live, each page in the project is exported in turn to the appropriate format and location.  This means they are readily accessible in the Live Desktop’s Media Browser afterward, for easy addition to a Media Player playlist.  Title Page icons will appear grouped under their project names in the Media Browser’s File Pane when you select the session name in the Location List at left.

SECTION 20.1.1

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