Existing Connections (or ‘presets’, as explained earlier) are listed just below the Web Browser entry in the Streaming menu.  Initially, a default set of Connections that might interest you is shown (Figure 197). 

Figure 197

These default Connections must be configured with your streaming provider account and similar details before they can be used.

If you move the mouse pointer over a Connection entry in the menu, two new gadgets are shown at right (Figure 198).  

Figure 198

Click the familiar Configure gear to open a dialog that invites you to enter your account credentials for that site and Sign In, along with controls for any other relevant choices or settings that it requires.  (If you don’t have an account yet, you can click the Sign Up button.)

Not surprisingly, clicking the little (x) gadget instead will remove the Connection from the menu.  If you delete a default entry you later wish to use, all is not lost.  You need simply use the New Connection menu option to select the streaming service by name, and a corresponding dialog will allow you to create a suitable new Connection.

After selecting a Connection Type and clicking OK, the Name field in the main Configure Stream Connection panel is highlighted, to encourage you to supply a descriptive name for the preset.


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