No physical greenscreen is perfectly comprised of one color. Wrinkles, folds and shadows along with the seemingly inevitable uneven lighting result in difference. For this reason, TriCaster provides a numeric slider labeled Tolerance just beneath the Color picker.

The Tolerance setting allows you to broaden the range considered as the key color, including more ‘near-neighbor’ colors to be included in the matte. A low tolerance removes only color values close to the primary or key color. As you raise the tolerance, you extend the range of values on either side of the primary color that will be treated as transparent. This allows you to deal with those imperfections we mentioned.

On the other hand, it may be that there is (usually unplanned for) detail in the foreground that is somewhat similar to the key color. Reducing Tolerance may allow you to prevent unwanted holes appearing when the subject opts to wear his St. Patrick’s Day tie.

Section 13.2.2

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