The thumbnail icon for a buffer with an animation effect assigned to it provides several additional features. 

As mentioned earlier, animation effects can be of either looping or auto-run type (the type determination is made in the Animation Store Creator utility when the effect is generated). 


Figure 145


Loading either class of animation effect into a buffer results in a time control being displayed at right in the buffer label (Figure 145). 

Hint: Select a Slow, Medium or Fast preset value from the drop-down menu, drag the mouse left or right over the time to change the current value, or click to enter a number directly using the keyboard.

For auto-run animation effects, a further control is added to the thumbnail icon when you move the cursor over it.  The Rehearse button appears at the top-center (Figure 145).  Clicking it plays the animation from its first frame through to the last, and holds that image.

Hint: In addition to providing a way to preview the effect (by displaying it on the Preview monitor, for example), Rehearse offers a handy way to re-run animated alerts and similar overlays at will. Remember, too, that the Macros feature provides a great deal of useful functionality in connection with Buffers and their display.

Still image Buffers have another very valuable ability, discussed next.



Section 11.4.4

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