If you wish, you can share the Frame Buffer folder, which contains any still images used in Buffers, across a network.  Share Media Folders and Buffers are easily enabled or disabled even during a live production using the File menu at the left-hand end of the Dashboard

The files which serve individual still image buffers are located in clearly named sub-folders of the Frame Buffer folder for each session.  These folders are arranged as follows:

Sessiondrive:\Sessions\sessionname\Frame Buffer\Buffer (#)

e.g., D:\Sessions\MySession\Frame Buffer\Buffer 3

The top level Frame Buffer folder for the current session is accessible on the network when sharing is enabled. This allows still image buffers to be updated across a network using suitable graphics application (such as Photoshop®).


Note: This special share name assignment is dynamic. Network sharing is activated and the current Buffer path is automatically updated whenever you enter a session with the option enabled.  This ensures that applications on networked systems can remotely access and update buffer graphics for the current TriCaster session.




Section 11.4.5

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