Advanced Edition Version 2 Legacy Streaming

For backwards compatibility reasons, the Legacy menu in TriCaster Advanced Edition Version 2 provides access to older streaming configuration options which are shown in the picture below.  The main three methods are Flash, Push and Pull Streaming.



1) Flash* - a long popular streaming choice.

*Service providers may supply you with a Flash streaming profile in the form of an XML file.  If this is the case, you can click the button labeled Import Settings, navigate to and select the XML file, and TriCaster will automatically import the Server Address (Location) and Stream ID values.  The Username and Password fields usually remain blank. 



2) Windows Media Pull - If you are streaming internally (to people in your building or within your corporate firewall), Pull streaming may provide the easiest approach.  Note that your stream may be constrained by lower bandwidth than a commercial streaming service typically offers, hence Pull streaming may falter when more than a few users are viewing the stream. 

The Server Address field attempts to automatically display the Internet address you would provide viewers, or in some cases, your streaming service provider. This is the IP address of your computer on the network. This information will be provided as a ‘punctuated’ numeric value. You can provide any clients or streaming providers this address for use in Windows Media Player™.

Note: Routers provide a measure of network security by masking the details of systems connected to them, thus preventing direct external access.  If TriCaster is connected to the network by a router, the IP number shown in the location field is only valid for viewers connected on the same side of the router as your TriCaster (as they might be in a local intranet configuration).



3) Windows Media Push -  A Push connection is more convenient than Pull when TriCaster is connected behind a firewall.  The configuration allows entry of a pre-arranged host Server Address, Username and Password.  Enabling the Stream on the TriCaster then 'pushes' the stream from your location, and points to a pre-arranged web address using the username and password you provide.



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