Internal Sources

Besides external audio sources, sounds played from TriCaster’s internal storage volumes (including removable media such as external hard drives or ‘thumb’ drives) via the Media Players (DDRs, etc.) can be added to the output mix.

15.6.1 Media Players

Video and audio-only files in DDR 1 and 2 playlists along with audio files in the Sounds player may contain one or more audio channels.  At most, Media Players output the first four audio channels of multiple channels – additional embedded channels are ignored. Other options and controls in these sub-panels are similar to those provided for external audio sources.

15.6.2 Effects (Transitions)

This control group governs the sound embedded in Animation Store Transitions.  

The remaining control groups in the Audio Mixer are dedicated to TriCaster’s various audio outputs.  We’ll come back to them in Section 15.8, but before we do so, let’s drill further down into more advanced audio options and tools.



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