Using a commercial streaming media provider (sometimes referred to as a Content Delivery Network, or simply ‘CDN’) bypasses otherwise high-bandwidth requirements for the encoding computer.  When you have made arrangements for a streaming media provider to distribute your stream, the encoder only needs enough bandwidth to get a single a/v stream to the provider. All end users connect to the provider to view the stream.

Most streaming providers have access to massive bandwidth (and often, with very little notice, they can scale up your allotment to meet a temporary need.)  Since your local bandwidth is really only used for uploading a single stream, you can send a high quality stream, secure in the knowledge that it will not degrade as soon as a second viewer attempts to see it.

Hint: A helpful way to find a good streaming service provider is to ask other TriCaster users for recommendations in NewTek’s online discussion forums.

SECTION 17.6.3 

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