TriCaster’s support for the AVID® Artist Mix hardware surface brings a highly desirable level of convenience and creative control to a critical aspect of almost every video production – audio.  This section explains how to connect and use this powerful third party device.


The AVID Artist Mix hardware surface provides great convenience, delivering hands-on external audio control to TriCaster operators. Adjust audio levels, channel panning, equalization, select mixer presets, and more.

The compact Artist Mix console provides excellent visual feedback, and delivers control beyond what can possibly be provided with the mouse and keyboard alone.  Almost all adjustments are bi-directional – adjusting the control surface updates the user interface controls, and vice versa. Artist Mix communicates with TriCaster using a popular open control communication protocol named EUCON™ (Extended User Control); the control surface acts and feels like a physical extension of your software.  Let’s begin by discussing installation and setup.

Section 21.7

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