Managing Comps

Managing Comps

Comps are one of the most exciting features of TriCaster Advanced Edition, and your control surface makes it easy to apply and manage them.  The 16 Comps available for the main Switcher or each individual M/E are associated with the first sixteen buttons on the DSK/ KEY rows of your 8000 CS. 

For example, to apply ‘Comp 3’ to the main Switcher, press and hold CTRL, then punch the third button on the DSK row, then release CTRL.  The same thing goes for a delegated M/E row, save that you will press the appropriate button (from 1-16) in the KEY row. 

You can also store or update the 16 Comps for the currently delegated M/E or main Switcher.  To do so, press SHIFT + CTRL along with the DSK/ KEY row button corresponding to the target Comp.

Section 21.3.6

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