M/E Delegate

As you’d expect, the eight buttons in the M/E DELEGATE group (Figure 229) are used to select (or multi-select) which M/E(s) are being controlled.


TriCaster Advanced Edition provides a unique PREVIZ feature which is, in essence, a specialized ninth M/E (albeit one that is never seen on video output).  Among other things, PREVIZ serves as a sort of ‘scratch-pad’ where you can try out various Main switcher and M/E configurations without risk. 

The FOLLOW PREV button in the M/E Delegate group has been re-purposed for Advanced Edition to provide access to PREVIZ.  See Section 21.3.7 for further details on using your control surface with PREVIZ.


These two delegate button groups control the functionality of the source selection rows at left, allowing you to specify sources for any or all of the video layers of all currently delegated M/E(s). Naturally, the M/E KEY DELEGATE selection(s) govern the KEY row buttons at left.

Just beneath the KEY row you will notice two identical rows labeled A/C and B/D. The result of selections in the A/C source row is controlled by the M/E LAYER DELEGATE buttons labeled A and C.  Likewise, B and D buttons in the M/E LAYER DELEGATE group govern the B/D row.


This buttons toggles the Tabs Follow All Delegates option in TriCaster, which in turn causes M/E Preview monitor panes to update when a new M/E Delegate selection is made.

Section 21.3.4

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