Joystick Delegates

The type of operation applied to delegated video layers is further modified by button selections in other sections of the control surface.

Two joystick mode buttons are placed separately at left.  LIVESET ZOOM and SHTL (Shuttle) modes are special in that they dedicate the joystick to operations that are not strictly speaking ‘position-related’.


Selecting LIVESET ZOOM assigns the joystick to control the zoom level and pan position of the currently delegated M/E(s) when LiveSet effects are employed.  Use the joystick to control zoom and pan as follows:

  • To zoom in/out :
    • Rotate the joystick clockwise/counter-clockwise (as viewed from above)
    • To pan:
      • Title the joystick backward, forward, left or right.
SHTL (Shuttle)

Push SHTL (Shuttle) to delegate the joystick to shuttle the Media Player(s) currently selected in the MEDIA PLAYERS > DELEGATE group. (Again, the other joystick mode buttons cannot be multi-selected with SHTL.)

  • To shuttle delegated Media Players, move the joystick horizontally (as viewed from above).

Let’s turn now to the members of the second joystick mode delegate group.

  • Move the joystick horizontally, vertically or diagonally (as viewed from above) to move delegated video source(s) on its X and Y axes.
  • Twist the joystick clockwise to scale delegated source(s) up, or counter-clockwise to scale down.

Section 21.3.5

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