Below the two NUDGE buttons are two similar buttons labeled BANK. Pushing either of these buttons normally replaces the entire set of controls with their eight nearest neighbors.  


So, for example, if you are currently viewing/controlling Inputs 1-8, pushing the >BANK button swaps out those controls and replaces them with the next set of eight sources to the right, starting with NET 1 at left and continuing to AUX in the eighth slot.

A number of buttons on the Artist Mix control surface have two labels. For example, the >BANK button (Figure 273) has a secondary END label above. 


The upper label denotes alternative functions for the button that are invoked when you hold down one of the two Shift buttons on the surface at the same time.

Note that the >BANK buttons each have alternate functions when pressed with Shift, specifically HOME and END.  These combinations jump past all other configured control groups to display the first and last entries respectively.

Section 21.7.6

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