A set of Knob Set selectors (Figure 275) runs vertically down the left side of Artist mix (left of the first fader). Essentially, these are mode buttons that select which audio attributes are governed by the eight ‘knob sets’ – that being one OLED display group and the knob immediately beneath it, along with the two buttons to the left of the knob (SEL and ON) in that set (see Figure 276).


Note: The FLIP/CHAN button in this group is a special case, and can be selected even when another mode is active. Generally speaking, you will very likely find it best to leave this button off except for certain operations – notably for EQ and Mic Trim adjustments. We’ll discuss these exceptions in context as we go along.

The default Knob Set mode is PAN. For the most common production operations, this is the mode you will choose. In fact, at the simplest level, once you have configured the Artist Mix channels to take any SDI sources into account, you could likely be forgiven for never using another Knob Set mode

Generally speaking, the alternative Knob Set modes provide access to deeper audio configuration options and settings. We’ll provide the details of their use in context as we go along.

Section 21.7.8

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