TriCaster provides independent 7-band equalization along with Compressor/Limiter features for each source. And Artist Mix lets you access the controls without ever touching the TriCaster user interface. To display EQ controls, it will probably come as no surprise by this point that you need to push the EQ button in the Knob Set control group.


The OLED display will now appear as seen in Figure 280. Normally, all 7 bands for a single input are shown in this manner. In this mode, the knobs below the graph in each group control the setting for a single EQ band, shown above. Note that the label for one input is highlighted in the OLED display. (For example, Figure 281 shows a highlight behind the Line 1 label; Line 2 is not highlighted.)



This highlight identifies the currently selected source. Any adjustments made in this state affect the EQ settings for the selected source only. In this fashion, you can easily adjust all settings for one source. To select a particular source (such as Input 1 or 2) for adjustment, press the button labeled SEL to the left of the fader in the control surface slot with the corresponding label above.

The highlight in the OLED display updates to show the newly selected source. To enable, disable or reset the EQ, press the EQ (Knob Set) button to enter EQ control mode, and press CHAN, to turn Channel mode off; the display should show the 60Hz level. Select an input (press the SEL Y button beside a fader), and press the SEL button just below the OLED to enable/disable EQ for this input; or press ON (just beneath) to reset the EQ for this input.


Section 21.7.13

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