With regard to streaming issues, don’t overlook the fact that TriCaster is just one of the pieces of the puzzle. There are many others that are just as important.

Here are some useful things to try:

  • Check the file:

Archive the streaming output file locally, and then examine it to see if it has any problems. This file corresponds exactly to what TriCaster is sending the downstream server. In cases of sync problems, low frame-rate problems, audio popping problems, etc., if it's a TriCaster issue, the problem will be seen in this file.  On the other hand (if the file looks good), then the issue has to be up-stream of the TriCaster.



  • Dropped Frames


To really confirm that TriCaster is outputting the frame-rate you chose (i.e., not dropping frames) you can edit a profile inside Flash® to cause FMLE to write out frame-rate stats. These settings apply when using the TriCaster, which lets you verify that it is uploading the stream at the rate designated. (In FMLE, select the Encoding tab, and check mark "Log To File").

SECTION 17.8.2 

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