AVIDI provides a utility called EuControl for use with the Artist Mix control surface. This software runs in the background, and is required for TriCaster to recognize and respond to the control surface.

1. From the TriCaster Startup screen, click the Shutdown icon, and choose Administrator Mode.

2. Select Exit to Windows to leave the TriCaster environment.

3. Obtain the EuControl installer by using one of the following two methods:

    a. With TriCaster connected to the Internet, download the most recent installer for the Windows 64bit         operating system from the webpage: (Requires Avid website account.)

    b. Otherwise, download the installer as above to a different computer, and transfer it to TriCaster’s hard     drive across a network or by USB flash drive (etc.)

4. Double-click the icon for the installer application (Install_EuControl.exe).

5. Follow the instructions displayed to complete the installation.

Section 27.7.1

For more information please download the entire document at

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